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1st Page 2000 is 100% FREE and requires no payment or registration. The version you are downloading will ALWAYS remain free.

 1st Page 2000 is a fully-featured HTML and script authoring tool 
which includes all the functions you would like to have in an 
HTML editor. This massive program comes with an impressive 
interface and a mixture of all the best features you can find 
in top name HTML editors. 

1st Page 2000's numerous features include: tag highlighting; 
automatic image sizing; HTML tag stripping; document compressing; 
source formatting; JavaScript rollover effects, object tree, and 
wizard; spell checking; thesaurus; LiveSpell (check spelling as 
you type); TidyHTML; XML converter; FTP client; and support for 
up to four external browsers. 

The program also features a real-time split-screen page 
previewing; project management capability; an internal browser 
for testing and surfing; a customizable toolbar and keyboard 
shortcuts; Flash/Shockwave support; DHTML layering; ASP, SSI, 
CFML, and WebTV tags; a table sizer; bookmark support; an 
integrated file explorer; and much more. 

450 JavaScripts, 15 DHTML scripts, 17 Perl scripts, 6 HTML 
scripts, 2 CGI Scripts, and a 100+ page step-by-step Web 
design guide and references for the latest HTML 4.0/SSI/CSS 
are also included. 

In addition, support via discussion boards, ICQ, and e-mail 
is also provided. 

You can launch the program in four modes: Easy, Expert, 
Hardcore, and Normal.

1st Page 2000 v2.0 Final  (5,197,114kb - 5.2mb)

This release is bundled with:

  1. 15 DHTML Scripts from Bratta & Dynamic Drive
  2. 17 Perl scripts (search site, guestbook, chat, counters, etc.) from Matt's Script Archive
  3. 6 HTML Scripts
  4. 2 CGI scripts (text clock, text counter)
  5. Complete Web Builder Reference
  6. 450 Java Scripts/VBScripts (i Scripts)
  7. The complete no-nag 1st Page 2000 Web Editor ($140 worth)

1st Page 2000 is 100% FREE and requires no payment or registration. The version you are downloading will ALWAYS remain free.



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