Instant Site Safe - Don't let other sites steal your content
Instant Folder Safe - Protect your sensitive site information from prying eyes.
Brought to you by Unless you take steps to stop it other people can pass off your content as their own - and worse you're pages could appear on another site with inappropriate content or adverts. This utility ensures your pages will not run in a frame on someone else's site.

Additionally you can also protect the content of website folders you wish to remain private from being viewed. Just save the file created as index.html and upload to the relevant folder.Watch out for more utilities and software with resale rights! You may re-sell this utility for $34.97 and keep all the profits.

You can also have this product re-branded with your details, sell it and keep 100% of the profits - email our autoresponder for more info.
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Copy the code below and put it into your web pages between the <head> and </head> tags. This will stop your pages from running in a frame.

Copy the text below and using any text editor paste and save as index.html. You can then ftp the index page up to your site into the folders/directories you wish to protect. Then, if someone tries to look into one of your website's folders that you want kept private (where you keep your products for paying customers for example) they will be redirect to your home page.

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