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Ez Spam Buster not only defeats robots harvesting email addresses on web pages, it also completely nullifies their harvesting efforts when they scan

where the Ez Spam Buster method is used in lieu of publishing an email address. When no email address is present, it can't be harvested.
  1. Newsletters,

  2. Newsgroup postings,

  3. Discussion list postings,

  4. Instant messages,

  5. Print ads, and any other document

Instead of me just talking about it, let me show you. The following link contains no email address, not encoded, not encrypted, not generated by JavaScript. It's not on the web page. But if you click the link, your browser will cause your email program to open with a new email and with the correct email address pre-filled in just as if the link was a mailto: link. (You can use the live control panel to see how the link is coded.)

Click Here To Email Me

You can get a copy of the Ez Spam Buster program at the link below.

There is a small donation required for the program. We do ask that you make a small Donation to help keep the program free.

Simply download it, install it, and put the program's URL into your browser. The control panel will tell you how to do the rest.

This is free to use unlimited copies , free to give to your friends and business associates.

You must agree to these three statements before installing or using Ez Spam Buster:

This software is provided as-is.
There are no guarantees or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.
Use the software only at your own risk.

Do you have clients without a cgi-bin? You have permission to act as the remote host for their use of Ez Spam Buster. Install one copy (30k) for each client, each with their own pass worded control panel .

A note about email address cloaking on web pages

Email address cloaking methods abound. The methods include encoding with special characters, encryption, generating with JavaScript, and others, some very ingenious.

But they all have a weakness in common the browser has to decode/decrypt/generate the email address into it's original form before it can be used.

It is a weakness because browsers and email harvesting robots are both software and, no matter the cloaking method, if a browser can extract the email address then robots can be programmed to extract it, too.

With the Ez Spam Buster method, cloaking isn't necessary because there is no email address to cloak.

When no email address is present, it can't be harvested.


Verify the first line of this script points to the location of Perl on your server.

Upload the script to your server into a directory allowed to run Perl CGI scripts. Use an FTP program and upload the script as ASCII/plain text.

Give the uploaded script 755 permissions.

Type the URL of this script into your browser. I.E.: http://example.com/cgi-bin/msb.cgi

Your designer, hosting company, or other folks who help you create and maintain your site, might be willing to install Ez Spam Buster for you

Please help us keep these scripts free!
Your donation of $9.75 will help defray the cost of security upgrades and technical support.

Thank you!

The Ez Response CGI Scripts

(For other servers, the header section of the source code itself contains notes about porting the code. (Two variables need to be changed.))