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  1. How do I find my DNS Number... ?
  2. How do I import my list into the Express Mail Server program... ?
  3. Why am I am receiving a popup window that say's you must enter a from address....?
  4. How do I join your resellers program.. ?

How do I find my DNS Number... ?

To find your DNS Number follow these instructions.

Go to Start on your menu bar, scroll up to Run and Click it. Type in winipcfg and click ok. There click on more info a new  window will open at the top you will see DNS Server Number it will be a number that looks like this copy this number and enter it in the Box that is asking you for your DNS Number. That's all you have to do.
Your Computer ID and your DNS Server Number are totally different Numbers or Names
Domain Name is the name you are giving your Computer.
Like=== My Computer 12
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Importing your E-mail list... ?

Open your help files to in the EMS program.
Chapter 2 : Database -
Importing your list of addresses
A - Import your Mailing List
B - Automatic domain Verification
C - Post Process Stats
Your addresses must be a text document with one address per line.
ASCII.txt format





Import your list into the List Manager Program that you downloaded if you haven't  downloaded List Manager do it now.
Open your list in List Manager and clean it twice. Save as a text file and import it into EMS.
If you aren't seeing any addresses it has not been saved as a text file.
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Using Your Enter Key

You don't have to put a from address in the from field just put your curser there and press the Enter Key on your Key Board. If you don't use a from address your mail will probably be rejected by your recipients mail box as that is one of the reject filters e-mail programs look for. ( No return Address in the from field ) Get a free e-mail account if you don't want to use your real e-mail address. 

Item 1. Message Features :

To: field - Will allow you to address a group, such as "Beloved Associates", if you are using NO personalization features. EMS also gives you the option to place each individual address in the To: field by using any of the ($Name) personalization features. Personalization will cause TMS to generate an individual message, and will then write each individual address in the To: field.

From: field - Write your from address in <username@domain.com> brackets if you would also include your name. Without < > brackets if you only write the address. Then make sure you press your "ENTER KEY". TMS will allow you to enter up to five From: addresses to be rotated in your message delivery.

Reply to: field - Enter on this line the address you wish to get your replies.

Subject: Here you have the option to personalize or not.

Item 2. Message HTML Tool Bar :

This feature allows you to send your message as HTML, allowing you to add color and other HTML features. ALWAYS TEST YOUR MESSAGE!

Item 3. Message Window :

Here you can write your message directly in the editor window, cut and paste from your word processor, or import from file.

Personalize to your hearts content anywhere in the message body. Place $Name anywhere that you would like the recipients name to appear. It's your option, TMS delivers!

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