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Express Mail Server Screenshot 1


Item 1. Message Randomization Features :

This will allow you to add random characters to the [To:], [From;], and [Subject: ] fields. Select all or any. This makes each message is unique should a server mistake it for spam.

Item 2. Advanced Send Engine Features :

Set batch size : Means the number of people in a single group that will receive the letter. (bcc) The higher the number, the faster delivery will go. TIP: Many recipient systems will limit this number, but if you stay under 20 your mail should go through to just about all domains.

Item 3. Send Message as HTML :

This feature allows you to send your message as HTML, allowing you to add color and other HTML features. Note : Not recommended for email to AOL as their mail manager does not read HTML.

Item 4. Network Configuration :

Here you can check "SOCKS4 Proxy Support" to configure your Traffic-Magic Mail Server for a dedicated internet connection such as ISDN, T-1, or T-3.

Modem users would leave this box unchecked and skip down to the next field to enter your ISP's DNS server IP number.

Item 5. DNS Query timeout :

This function is used when verifying all of the domains in your mailing list. The program looks up each domain to check for validity. This is the amount of time given to a server to respond. The default is 2 seconds, the higher you set the time out value, the longer it may take to verify your list.

Item 6. Message Personalization  Options :

Check "Replace $Name in the body" or "Replace the $Name in the subject", or both. With this feature you can place the recipients name at any point in the subject line or message body as many times as you like by entering $Name wherever you want the recipients name to appear.

While using this feature will slow down delivery as the program generates a custom message for each recipient on your list, the result is an obviously individual message being sent. Also, if you use the personalization features, Express Mail Server will place each recipients complete address in the To: field. This adds up to a message that may not really qualify as bulk email to some ISPs.



Express Mail Server Screenshot 2


Item 1. Distribution List Import Features :

Import any list in one per line ASCII .TXT format. Click the folder Icon to Add another recipient list to an already loaded recipient list. Click the pin Icon to Replace one already loaded or to import a new list. The file name line will identify the loaded list.

Item 2. List Verification Features :

TMS will count down in the unchecked domain and unchecked address boxes as it verifies each address on your list. When verification is complete, each box will show N/A. This process can take some time with a list of many different domains. Single domain lists could take a minute.

Item 3. Project Database Statistics :

The first box will tell you how many verified email addresses your list contains. These are the ones that TMS will send to, virtually eliminating undeliverables.

The second box will tell you how many recipient system servers TMS will connect with to deliver your message.



Express Mail Server Screenshot 3


Item 1. Message Features :

To: field - Will allow you to address a group, such as "Beloved Associates", if you are using NO personalization features. EMS also gives you the option to place each individual address in the To: field by using any of the ($Name) personalization features. Personalization will cause TMS to generate an individual message, and will then write each individual address in the To: field.

From: field - Write your from address in <username@domain.com> brackets if you would also include your name. Without < > brackets if you only write the address. Then make sure you press your ENTER key. TMS will allow you to enter up to five From: addresses to be rotated in your message delivery.

Reply to: field - Enter on this line the address you wish to get your replies.

Subject: Here you have the option to personalize or not.

Item 2. Message HTML Tool Bar :

This feature allows you to send your message as HTML, allowing you to add color and other HTML features. ALWAYS TEST YOUR MESSAGE!

Item 3. Message Window :

Here you can write your message directly in the editor window, cut and paste from your word processor, or import from file.

Personalize to your hearts content anywhere in the message body. Place $Name anywhere that you would like the recipients name to appear. It's your option, TMS delivers!



Express Mail Server Screenshot 4


Item 1. TMS Delivery Screen Features : Like to know that your message is getting there? Just watch the TMS Communication Status column for a little while. Within minutes after you click the Globe icon to start the send, you will start to see the exchange between your desktop server and the recipient mail system. The batch column will show your batch size setting, and the total column will reveal how many messages have been accepted for delivery by the recipient system. TMS will also keep you posted with a running total at the bottom left corner.

Saving your Project : Click the stop button, and TMS will ask if you are sure. Or, when your mailing is sent and you close TMS, you will be prompted to save your project. If you choose to save, TMS will save your entire setup and all the details of your mailing. The program will also write the unverified (undeliverable) addresses to the .log file at this time. You can then remove the .log addresses (undeliverable) from your master mailing list. Open your saved project at a later date, and you are ready to go. Make some changes if you'd like, but all the details of your previous session are there, ready when you are.


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