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     Turn Your PC into A Email Server!

     Tips For Effective Use

The EMS is designed  to effectively deliver your email in quantity while using the resources of your own computer. The program has many features to help you accomplish your goals in sending your message to internet users, this file is intended to detail these features for your maximum benefit in using the program.


Your Computers ID:
Goto the "CONTROL PANEL" (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network) click on the identification tab. Under Computer name place a VALID domain name. If you have no identification tab, ADD "CLIENT" select "Client for Microsoft Networks" and it will appear.

Speed :
Generally speaking, on most average systems (Pentium 166 - 200, 32 Megs Ram) you should be able to deliver 40,000 to 60,000 emails per hour with a short message using no personalization features. Performance will vary at times due to network conditions and the speed of your system. As you incorporate more of the personalizing, randomizing, and FROM: address features your delivery speed will be affected. Considering the value of using some of these features, a loss in raw speed may often be well worth the use. If possible sort your list by domain name (VERY IMPORTANT).

Personalization :
On the set-up screen and from the message menu you will see that you can select [PERSONALIZE]  the message body. With this feature you can place the recipients name at any point in the message body as many times as you like by entering $Name wherever you want the recipients name to appear.

While using this feature will slow down delivery as the program generates a custom message for each recipient on your list, the result is an obviously individual message being sent. Also, if you leave the To: field blank, Express Mail Server will place each recipients address in the To: field. This adds
up to a message that does not really qualify as bulk, or spam. Dis-arming the otherwise accurate claims of bulk and spam. It is also difficult for a recipient to holler "spam" when you've taken so much trouble to send such a personalized message. Using some personalization may also increase your positive response rate to a good message.

Randomize :
Also on the set-up screen and from the message menu you will see that you can select (RANDOMIZE) this will allow you to add random characters to the (To:), (From:), and (Subject:) fields. This helps make each message appear unique should a server mistake it for spam. You may want to experiment here, putting the recipient $Name on the subject line will most often accomplish both randomization, and personalization while sacrificing little speed performance.

Database Screen - Address Verification :
On the Database screen you can either add to an already loaded list or replace that list by loading a new one. As a new list is loaded, Express Mail Server will verify each domain and address and reduce the list to its deliverable number. This feature virtually eliminates undeliverables as you do not send to unverified domains and addresses. Although the undeliverable addresses will remain on your list, they are not a bother as you are not mailing to them. This feature saves the time of mailing to and collecting undeliverables on the bounce back, a valuable feature of Express Mail Server.

Message Screen :
Here is where you can put it all together for an effective message. Use your imagination and consider all of the features at your disposal to make your message work for you. Since you are able to send it as an individual message, you might want to write it as you would write to your best friend. It will work if it communicates what you want it to.

Send Mail :
On this screen you will see EMS communicate and exchange with the servers of the recipient system. Watch as your message flows from your desktop to the recipient system and know that your message is getting delivered easily, and effectively, without using anyone's resources but your own.  How could they call it Spam?

Do NOT read your addresses from a CD ROM. Copy the addresses from the CD ROM to your hard drive, and change the file attributes from READ ONLY to ARCHIVE (Do this by right clicking on the file name and select PROPERTIES).

Saving your project :
This feature will allow you to save your entire set-up for a particular mailing as a project. Save your set-up, list, and message and retain all the details of your session. With this you can re-mail a session at a later date, or open a previous session, make some changes, send and save as a separate project for response comparison.

Your ISP :
Should love you again, but remember, there are some people that you just can't satisfy. If your ISP is of this type, you may want to cheerfully say farewell and find one who may treat you like a customer.

ISP TIP : You will need an ISP whose dial-up servers are not behind a firewall. If the machine you connect to is behind a firewall, the firewall will keep you from making a direct connection with another computer, which is what EMS needs to do. For the most part smaller ISP's are unlikely to be fire walled and larger national ISP's are.

EMS will enable you to send your mail without the use of someone's SMTP server, if you use it responsibly and in moderation for the straight-forward promotion of your business, you should generate few complaints and be able to keep most ISP's and internet users happy. Satisfied in the knowledge that you just want to communicate like everyone else, without causing anyone problems.

A listing of all the ISP'S in the US may be found at here.


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