The Ez Upload Pal
You (and your clients) will like this.

While doing some research on basic web page creation, I found the biggest hurdle for webmasters was how to use an FTP program. There were several different FTP software titles and three different operating systems.

My solution was to build a CGI program to bypass FTP altogether.

It worked so well that I could do nothing else but let you have it, too.

Once installed on your server, The Ez Upload Pal gives you access to files in a server directory without requiring even the thought of an FTP program.

If you're a site designer, you know that the lack of FTP skills (and, often, no desire to learn them) is the biggest stumbling block to teaching clients how to update their sites.

In this script, you can block from view any file names you don't want the clients to see and get confused about -- or, horror, overwrite. They can work only with what's listed in the control panel window.

Your clients will appreciate it! You're making it easy while keeping them from shooting themselves in the foot.

If you're a web site owner, you'll like the idea of using this software for your own quick site updates and directories that need constant maintenance without the need to fire up your FTP program.

The Ez Upload Pal has a password protected control panel in your browser window. You can upload any file to your server that's not blocked. (if it is a file type not designated "blocked" during the software setup phase.)

You can edit plain text files in place, right on the server. And you can delete any file listed in the control panel.

The Ez Upload Pal is good software and it's easy to use.

It costs is nothing to purchase a single copy, to use, or to give to your friends, clients, and business associates. If you have purchased our Ez Response Autoresponder the program is Free.  
Test it and see how it works. The testing link is on the download page at 

More information about what you get is on the download page  

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