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Installation Instructions

INSTALLATION - it is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1) Configure the Script Using a text editor like textpad, or notepad, open the config.cgi script and make changes to the variables. Save your changes.

A ) Type the URL address of the swars.cgi
$scriptpath=""; B )Type the full path to your Mail program. If you're not sure of this, ask your server administrator
$mailprog="/usr/lib/sendmail"; C ) Type your email address. Make sure # to place a \ in front of the @ symbol
$fromaddr="webmaster\"; D ) This is the file that will hold all of the email addresses and names of all of your autoresponders. Change it to something more secretive or leave it as is.
$mbase = "collect.txt"; E ) Type a default name. If the system is unable to extract the prospect's name, it will print the Default Name. This step is also optional
$emptyuname="Friend"; F ) Enter the Admin password (case sensitive 8 chars max)

Step 2) Upload the files Upload the following files to your cgi-bin directory.
  • swars.cgi
  • config.cgi
  • activate.cgi
ATTENTION! ALL files must be uploaded as ASCII files. If you upload as binary, it WONT work.
Step 3) Set Permissions
  • Set the permissions for the swars.cgi file to '755'
  • Set the permissions for the config.cgi file to '755'
  • Set the permissions for the activate.cgi file to '755'
  • Set the permissions for the file to '644'

Step 4) Set Script Activation _FollowUp works without CRON jobs (which are not allowed on many servers). You place a 1-pixel "image" on a well viewed web page, which activates the script periodically. If there even one visitor a day it will work fine. When activated, it checks and sees if it needs to send an e-mail to your contacts. _ The syntax of the activation image follows: _

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0">

_ You can even place the activation image on another domain. It will activate the script every time somebody visits that page. However, in my experience, I suggest that you place it on the entry page to your site. 

Step 4) Log in Start Working _Now login to the admin area using the password you specified in the config.cgi and start working. To run the admin area, just point your browser to the swars.cgi




See a demo with instructions
use demo123 as your password

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