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What You Can and Cannot Eat in Induction

You can eat the following foods liberally during Induction:
All fish**
All poultry
All shellfish*
All red meat**
All eggs

Special Considerations:

Other Permissible Foods During Induction

You can consume 3-4 oz. daily of the following full-fat, firm, soft and semi-soft aged cheeses, including:

Special Considerations:
All cheeses contain some carbohydrates. The rule of thumb is to count 1 oz. of cheese as equivalent to 1 gram of Net Carbs. Note that cottage cheese, farmer's cheese and other fresh cheeses are not permitted during Induction. Nor are "diet" cheeses, processed chesses such as cheese spreads or whey cheeses permitted. Fresh cheeses such as cottage cheese are permitted on OWL and beyond. Soy or rice "cheeses" are permitted but check the carbohydrate content.

Salad Vegetables
You can have 2-3 cups per day of the following raw vegetables:

Other Vegetables
You can have 1 cup per day of these cooked veggies if salad does not exceed 2 cups. The following vegetables are slightly higher in carbohydrate content than the salad vegetables:

Special Considerations:

Salad Garnishes

Note: Use spices and herbs to taste, but make sure none contain added sugar.

Salad dressings

Acceptable Fats and Oils

Artificial Sweeteners

Special Considerations:

Acceptable Beverages
Be sure to drink a minimum of eight glasses (8 oz. each) of water each day, including:

Additionally, you can have the following:

Special Considerations:

Special Category Foods
Each day you can also eat the following:

Note that these foods occasionally slow down weight loss in some people, and may need to be avoided in the first two weeks. If you seem to be losing slowly, moderate your intake of these foods.

Convenience Foods
It is important that you eat primarily unprocessed foods, but some controlled carb food products can come in handy when you are unable to find appropriate food, can't take time for a meal or need a quick snack. Atkins products suitable for the Induction phase include the following: Atkins AdvantageTM Bars, Atkins AdvantageTM Shakes, Atkins Morning Start BarsTM, Atkins BakeryTM Ready-To-Eat Sliced Bread, AtkinsTM Cereal, Atkins Quick Quisines Pancake and Waffle Mix, Atkins Quick Quisines Muffin Mixes, Atkins KitchenTM Sugar Free Syrups, AtkinsTM Sweet Dressings.

Special Considerations:
Stick with the amounts specified by your meal plans. Some highly metabolically resistant people find these products interfere with weight loss. If you have trouble losing weight, you may want to replace these products with protein foods.

Atkins Products and Net Carbs

When you do Atkins, you count Carbs not calories, and the Carbs you count are actually Net Carbs. Here's what you need to know about the Carbs in Atkins-brand products.

Not All Carbs Behave the Same Way in Your Body
Atkins Nutritional products are formulated to minimize the impact of carbohydrates on your blood sugar level. While most Carbs — sugar is the best example — are digested and turned into blood sugar, other Carbs behave differently. Some are digested but not turned into glucose and some — such as fiber — are not digested at all and pass through your body as waste. Neither of these types of Carbs has a significant impact on blood sugar levels.

What Carbs Are in Atkins Products?
The products use sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda®), glycerin and sugar alcohols such as maltitol. Polydextrose is both a sweetener and a bulking agent, or fiber. Fiber, glycerin, maltitol and Polydextrose are all forms of carbohydrate that have a minimal impact on blood sugar.

The Atkins Net Carbs Seal
The Atkins Net Carbs Seal lists the number of Carbs people doing Atkins need to count. It subtracts all carbohydrates such as fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols, which either are not digested or are digested but have a negligible impact on blood sugar. The percentage and number of grams of total carbohydrates appear on the Nutritional Facts Panel on the back of the label. The number of grams that remain after the fiber and sugar alcohols are subtracted appears in the circle, the Atkins Net Carbs Seal, on the front of the package.

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