Revising The Food Pyramid
Atkins takes its low-carb case to the feds

So, do you think the government’s Food Pyramid is a little old-fashioned or outdated? Well, the Atkins Physicians Council (APC) recently briefed federal officials and members of the Bush Administration on their version of what a "food pyramid" should be made to look like, supporting a controlled-carbohydrate lifestyle that could help the many millions of Americans who are growing larger each day.

The Atkins Lifestyle Food Guide Pyramid is designed to address the epidemic of obesity by providing an easy-to-follow approach for achieving -- and more importantly -- maintaining a healthy weight. Atkins also informed the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that its medical experts intend to file comments with the government’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee based on the Atkins Nutritional Approach.

Based on the writings and work of Dr. Atkins, the Atkins Lifestyle Food Guide Pyramid graphically depicts in traditional "food pyramid" language what the good doctor championed for more than 30 years for the first time. Based on Dr. Atkins’ work, the pyramid emphasizes a wide range of protein sources and nutrient-dense carbohydrates, such as most vegetables, certain fruits, nuts, dairy products and whole grains, that have a low impact on blood sugar.

"One of the benefits of this approach," emphasizes Dr. Stuart Trager, M.D., chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council (APC), "is that the average American can follow a controlled-carbohydrate lifestyle, eat until satisfied and achieve a healthy balance of fats and other nutrients -- all without having to count portions or calories."

Dr. Trager also points out that this is the first pyramid to take into account the impact of increasing physical activity on optimal nutrition. "What better positive reinforcement for the many health benefits of improved fitness than the ability to enjoy an even broader range of food options by increasing physical activity?"

"While we recognize that there is no single nutritional solution for Americans battling overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart disease, clearly the existing Food Guide Pyramid and future versions that might continue to rely solely on low-fat, portion-control or calorie-counting approaches will not be helpful to many of the approximately 60 percent of our population who have been unsuccessful using these same strategies over the past few decades," says Trager. --- more >>


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