Revising The Food Pyramid
Atkins takes its low-carb case to the feds


The APC briefed the Feds on the growing need to combat the nation�s obesity epidemic. Atkins has also made a submission to USDA Secretary Ann Veneman and offered to follow up with a more detailed briefing. The Atkins Lifestyle

Food Guide Pyramid was presented as a tool to demonstrate the support for government efforts to combat America�s nutrition crisis in the decades to come.

"We are delighted that the USDA has come to terms with the need for individualization of nutritional approaches and is now proposing the development of as many as 12 new versions of the existing pyramid," adds Dr. Trager.

"We will work in the months to come to ensure that among these versions is a controlled-carbohydrate option based on the existing and emerging scientific research that supports the safety and efficacy of controlled-carbohydrate nutrition."

Perhaps just as important, the Atkins Lifestyle Food Guide Pyramid aims to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions about Atkins that may have caused some people to shy away from trying the popular nutritional approach.

"The Atkins pyramid and its accompanying information should provide clarity to those who misunderstand the Atkins program and mistakenly believe that eating many vegetables and fruits is not an integral part of doing Atkins properly.

"The Atkins pyramid should also put to rest the misleading claims by copycat diet book authors whose supposed 'healthier' versions of the Atkins Nutritional Approach (ANA) are, at best, rank imitations of the ANA or, at worst, unproven and potentially risky departures from the now scientifically validated ANA protocols," says Dr. Trager.

Mary C. Vernon, M.D., another member of the APC and vice president of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians states, "When it comes to re-educating the American public, this is a wake-up call that is well overdue.

"Armed with a better understanding of the health risks associated with uncontrolled consumption of certain carbohydrates, particularly white flour and added sugars, it is clear that Dr. Atkins� longtime goal of increasing carbohydrate awareness will go a long way to improving the health and well-being of Americans," concludes Dr. Vernon.

To further support its Pyramid, Atkins Health & Medical Information Services will sponsor a broad range of education initiatives, including an ongoing series of conferences and seminars in Washington, D.C. and New York City, speaking engagements before consumer and health care professional groups, publications, online information resources and educational tools for school teachers and health care professionals.

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