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Unlimited Domain Installation

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Use on Unlimited Domains

Finally, A simple, easy to install (less than 5 minutes) mailing list program that is sure to turn your on-line business into a Powerhouse. Our new Ez-Response multi-mailing list software is just what you need for all your newsletters and ezines.

This gem allows you to create an Unlimited amount of mailing lists that can hold an unlimited amount of subscribers.

Allows you to collect subscribers with a traditional subscribe box OR by sending a blank email to ANY POP3 e-mail account. Not just your domain POP3 access, but also the free ones.

And Installation is super easy. Just change 3 variables, create your password, and upload to your web site. Access your admin area through your web browser and start creating and sending out your Newsletters to your mailing lists. All at a cost that is less than the competitions. Just take a look at our many features.

Features Include:
  • Ez Response Multi Mailing List script installs in minutes!
  • Allows for easy subscription with just one click (by web form or by sending blank email)
  • Completely run from a browser. No text files to edit
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists! Each with individual configurations
  • Option to send up to 2MB file attachments with each message
  • Automatically addresses your newsletter in a personalized way considering first name, full name and email address of your subscribers
  • Fastest mailing algorithm possible - it sends up to 600 emails a minute
  • Automatic Subscribe and Un-subscribe confirmations
  • List Importer for importing existing mailing lists.
  • Filters out improperly formatted addresses, extra carriage returns, and duplicate addresses
  • Customize the mailing responses that each list receives
  • Allows for online editing of your newsletter text and lists
  • Includes automatic Un-subscribe links in each e-mail, so users can remove themselves easily
  • View the contents of every mailing list! See every e-mail address subscribed to your mailing lists
  • Generates Subscribe box html code for easy placement into your web pages
  • E-mail journal with statistics after completion of every mailing session
  • No time-out-errors while sending thousands of newsletters
  • ....and more... as we are adding new features constantly.....
System Requirements:

Your Web host needs to have the following system requirements (most do).

  • Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
  • Perl5 Interpreter (standard on unix machines)
  • SendMail (standard on unix machines)
Convert Your Leads Into Sales!

Download Ez-Response Multi Mailing List, install the system on your own web site and run unlimited mailing lists.


Ez-Response Mailing List Manager

Order Now Only $29.95

Use on Unlimited Domains

Price: $29.95

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See It in Action:

To see the admin control panel in action. It is very easy to use.

Demo Password = demo1234